31 Reasons Why You Should NOT Start a Blog in 2022

Blogging Tips / Tuesday, May 28th, 2019
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We’ve covered the reasons why you should start a blog. Now it’s time to play devil’s advocate as we look at the 31 reasons to NOT start a blog.

If you’re bothered by any of the following points, you should seriously consider the pursuit of something other than blogging.

1. You Have Internet Addictions

Internet addiction is real! It’s referred to as Compulsive Internet Use (CIU)1, Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD), or Problematic Internet Use (PIU).

Though Compulsive Internet Use is not currently recognized as an official diagnosis by the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5),2 it shares characteristics with other traditional disorders/addictions.

Common internet addictions include but are not limited to:

  • Any Communication Addiction Disorder (CAD) related to social media, email, blogging, online dating, and other virtual communication.
  • Internet porn
  • Cybersex
  • Online gambling addiction
  • Internet gaming disorder
  • Online shopping
  • Online stock trading
  • Virtual reality addiction
  • Web surfing

Compulsive Internet Use is on the rise. If you suffer from an Internet addiction, blogging is not a good idea. Blogging can fuel your addiction to internet activities.

2. You Want to Get Rich Quick

Blogging is NOT a path for getting rich quick. You have to be into it for the long run.

Some bloggers start making money from day one, but that’s incredibly rare. The truth is that it can take many months before you see any kind of money and even then your hourly wage will be shockingly low.

The delay in income is why so many people stop blogging. Delayed gratification is difficult.

3. No Fixed Income

Your income as a blogger will fluctuate. However, It’s been my experience that your income typically grows unless there’s a setback of some sort.

Setbacks do happen. Sites can go down or have issues. Your rank in search engines can drop. You might have health issues that prevent you from your blogging tasks. Prepare yourself for these setbacks until you build a passive income that will cover you through the tough times.

4. You Want Instant Gratification

No matter whether you’re seeking money, fame, readership, relationships… Blogging takes time. There’s a learning curve and you have to build up content, followers, and ranking in search engines like Google and Pinterest.

Only after you’ve paid your dues will you start reaching some of these blogging goals.

5. Increased Time on the Computer and Internet

Whether you’re blogging full or part-time. You’ll spend most of that time on the computer and Internet.

Most full-time bloggers I know spend far more than 40 hours a week blogging. I spend around 60 hours a week.

Time on the computer takes you away from many other activities, friends, and family. Make sure it’s worth the trade.

6. Blogging Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Sitting in front of your computer can affect your health.

Physical Inactivity

Sitting for long periods of time can lead to serious health issues that shorten your life.4,5,6

Sitting increases your risk of:

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Varicose veins
  • Osteoporosis 
  • Stress on your back, neck, and spine

Physical inactivity leads to death. It’s that simple.

If you blog, stop regularly and move around. Get the blood flowing. Stretch and do some sort of exercise.

I’m terrible at taking breaks and have to set a timer. Try to schedule your breaks every 30 minutes.

Prolonged Monitor Time

Prolonged use of monitors including smartphones can cause:

  • Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or Digital Eye Strain: Computer Vision Syndrome causes eyestrain, blurred vision, dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, and neck and shoulder pain.7
  • Myopic Progression: The close proximity to monitors for a long period of time can cause the progression of nearsightedness.8
  • Sleep Disruption: Exposure to blue light in the evening suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that regulates your sleep cycles.9,10

Blue light blocking sunglasses are popular for reducing digital eye strain and sleep disruption.

Want to Try Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

I buy my prescription glasses through Warby Parker. You can grab some blue-light-filtering glasses at Warby Parker whether you have a prescription, want non-prescription frames, or readers with simple magnification like the ones on the spinning racks at pharmacies.

Amazon has blue light blocking glasses too.

Blogging Addiction

Yep, people do become addicted to blogging. Blogging addiction is a form of Communication Addiction Disorder (CAD). There are a number of tools used in blogging that contribute to Communication Addiction Disorder: social media, email, and other virtual communication.

Checking how well your traffic is doing and how much money you’re earning is also an addicting aspect of blogging.

Increased Anxiety

Being alone for extended periods of time can cause anxiety issues including social anxiety which can cause withdrawal from friends and family.

7. You’re Seeking Fame

Internet fame is hard to attain and it’s fleeting.

Don’t start a blog with the expectation of achieving internet fame.

8. You Prefer Being Anonymous

Don’t blog if you prefer to remain anonymous. You have to put yourself out there. Anonymous blogs don’t do well.

People want to know who wrote the post they’re reading. It’s also hard to impossible to build a following if you don’t put yourself out there. Reading a blog post is a time investment. I don’t invest my precious time reading anonymous blogs.

Anonymous blogs tell readers that your blog is inferior and that you’re ashamed of what you’ve written or worse it’s spammy content designed to con people out of money.

9. You Might Find Internet Fame

Sometimes bloggers find internet fame without seeking it.

Internet fame can be tough on anyone that values their privacy. Mental stress, anxiety, and cyberbullying often accompany internet fame.

10. Oversharing

Do you have a tendency to overshare? Will oversharing somehow endanger you or the lives of others? If so, you should think twice before starting a blog.

Oversharing mistakes can have repercussions, not only in your life but in the lives of others. Once something is put out on the Internet, it’s out there forever. Even if you delete it, someone or some internet tool has most likely saved it.

Oversharing mistakes made by bloggers:

  • Locations: Don’t share locations like where you live, work, play, or any other place that would open you up for a visit from some creeper or a thief while you’re away from home.
  • Very Personal Details: Personal data, romantic details, secrets, family details…
  • Being a Negative Nancy or Negative Ned: Be real, but be positive. No one wants to read a bunch of negative posts. It’s a downer.
  • Posting or Responding in Anger: Airing grievances and disagreements on a blog can lead to trouble and alienate readers.
  • Cussing: Avoid cussing on a blog. If you can’t communicate without cussing, don’t blog. Many people don’t like it. You’ll greatly limit your audience and earning potential.
  • Gross Details: Details about your latest wound, illness, poop, snot rocket… You get it. Icky stuff.

11. Weirdos on the Web

Blogging opens you up for unwanted attention from bullies, pervert, stalkers, oddballs… You name it. The freaks are out there.

12. Blogging Is Hard Work

Do you think blogging looks easy?

It’s not!

Blogging is a job that requires an incredible amount of patience, stamina, dedication, and self-discipline. It’s enjoyable most of the time, but it’s work.

If you’re not willing to put in a lot of hard work, don’t blog.

Some bloggers will tell you it’s easy to be a successful blogger. Most of these bloggers are trying to make money off you in some way.

Let’s keep it real!

Blogging can be tough but you can do it if you aren’t scared of the work.

13. Liability and Legal

There are legal aspects of blogging that you should be aware of before starting a blog.

Certain types of blogs open you up to greater liability than others, though some simple legal templates are likely to cover most of your legal needs like having a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use posted.

Don’t blog if you find the legalities and liabilities too risky.

14. Blogging Takes Time

Do you have or will you make the time to blog? Blogging requires a time investment.

It takes time to write blog posts, create graphics, learn new technologies, interact with your audience, engage with social media, and other activities.

Blogging is also a long-term game. It takes time to build a social following and to rank in search engines. It may take 3 months, 6 months, even a year before you rank in Google Search. (Note: Pinterest search provides faster results. Especially using tools like Tailwind.)

The longer you stick with blogging it the better you’re likely to do.

15. You Want Better Work/Life Balance

Don’t blog if you want a better work/life balance. For most, blogging adds to the workload.

Whether working full-time and blogging part-time or you’re thinking of blogging full-time. Blogging takes a lot of time!

I blog full-time. I usually put in 60 hours a week, and I feel like I’m always behind. I love blogging though! I find it fascinating!

Least there’s a short commute with blogging. There’s just a short walk from my bed to my desk. With a stop in the kitchen for coffee along the way.

16. Your Work is Always Looming

You never leave your blogging job like you can with some jobs.

Some people get to leave work and they leave work behind. When you’re a blogger, work is with you always. Even on vacation!

With today’s technology, access to your blog is always at hand whether it’s the computer in the other room, laptop, or smartphone. Yep, smartphone. Most blogging tasks can be done on your phone.

I’ve worked for myself for over 23 years. I’ve had a home office most of that time. I used to hate walking by my computer knowing I had unfinished work.

What about you? Would looming blog tasks keep you stressed? If so, blogging might not be for you.

17. Your Coffee Intake Will Increase

I drink a massive amount of coffee to keep going. Whether you’ll be blogging from home or at your favorite coffee house. Your coffee bills are likely to increase. Gotta stay alert!

18. People Won’t Understand What You’re Doing

Ever been asked what you do for a living? I bet you have.

What will you tell people if you’re a blogger? Most people don’t understand blogging. Many people will blindly judge you.

Ever like talking about your day at work? If you’re a blogger, non-bloggers (even your husband or wife) are likely to respond with a blank stare. People won’t understand what you’re talking about.

Venting or bragging about your accomplishments to friends and family will probably fall on deaf ears. 🙁

19. You Hate Technology

Well, if you hate tech stuff. Don’t blog.

20. You Hate Writing

If you dislike writing, blogging isn’t for you. Blogging requires the creation of original, quality content on a regular basis.

YouTube or podcasting might still be an option for you to consider.

21. You Hate Social Media

If you hate social media, think long and hard before starting a blog. Social media is often a necessary evil. They, most often, go hand-in-hand.

I’m not a big fan of social media for my own personal use but I appreciate it as a business tool.

22. Thinking It’s About You

Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them. That’s just the way it is.

Successful blogging is about meeting the needs of others. People will only read blog posts that benefit them in some way.

If you want to blog purely for self-gratification, you’re probably wasting your time.

23. You Hate People

Successful blogs are all about helping people and networking. If you hate people you won’t be happy blogging and your readers will be able to tell.

24. Influencing People

You can influence people with your blog. It’s a responsibility that you shouldn’t take lightly. People will look up to you as an expert in your niche.

Are you ready to be a change for good?

25. You’re Fearful

To blog is to take risks. You have all the same risks as starting any other business (money, time, etc.) and it’s very public. You’re publishing your ideas for the world to see and risking mass rejection.

26. Accountability

Accountability is similar to responsibility but when you’re accountable, the buck stops with you. You make the decisions and are ultimately responsible for those decisions.

You’re held publicly accountable for your statements and actions as a blogger so make sure you remain honest and cover yourself legally.

27. The Cost

There are startup costs for creating a successful blog.

Do you know how much it costs to start a blog and can you afford to make the necessary investments?

As your blog grows, additional investments will need to be made.

In time, if you’re posting quality content that helps others, your earnings should surpass your monthly investments… Profit!

28. Technology is Always Changing

If you don’t like keeping up with technology, blogging might not be for you.

Changes in technology often involve studying, cost outlays, and updates to your blog. There have been times when I’ve had to go back and make changes to every blog post. Tedious but necessary.

29. Blogging is Lonely

Blogging isolates you. It’s primarily done alone. Even if you get away from home and blog in a crowded coffee shop, you’re just surrounded by people. Crowds sometimes make a person feel lonelier.

Yes, you’ll probably get emails and comments. You’ll interact with people on social media. But you’ll rarely meet these people in person, if ever.

Can you handle the isolation that can come with blogging?

30. You’re a Perfectionist

You’ll have to let go of perfectionism if you’re going to launch your blog and post on a regular basis. There’s really no perfect blog and it would be cost and time prohibitive to attempt perfection.

31. You Hate Learning New Things

If you hate learning new things, blogging is not for you. There’s actually a lot to blogging.

Blogging is more than just writing. There’s a lot of technology, statistical analysis, business stuff, networking… the list sometimes seems endless.

The good part, you don’t have to know it all to start your blog. These are things you’ll learn over time.

Should You Start A Blog?

Should you start a blog? I can’t answer that for you. I’m glad I did though.

Have you read our sister article 30 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog? Have you weighed the reasons to start a blog vs. reasons why you should not start a blog? What have you come up with?

You want to know the reason why I started my first blog? I was curious. I wanted to see what blogging was about. With a small investment in hosting at Bluehost, I was off and running.

If you think blogging is for you, you can get started over at Bluehost like I did years ago… Well, sorta like I did. It’s far easier now! They have free tools like their Blue Flash service for getting started with WordPress. Wish they had Blue Flash when I started!

Blue Flash is an awesome way to get going with WordPress… Dashboard walk-throughs, account setup, full-featured WordPress orientation, and so much more!

I want you safe and happy. There are reasons why you should NOT start a blog. If you identify with any of these, think twice before you create a blog. This especially holds true if you have internet addictions to is you… #ahoodlife #blogtips #blogging #bloggingtips #bloggingforbeginners #startablog


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  1. Fantastic advice. I started my blog about 3 months ago and while I love writing, there are things I need to be cautious of which you have mentioned in your post. Very thought provoking, this was really interesting to read. Thank you

  2. Great article! I started my blog a couple months ago (it didn’t go live until about 1 month ago though), and everything you’ve said in this article rings so true for me! I love it so far, and I’m really excited, but your article has reminded me of things to be cautious about moving forward. For example, I definitely indulge in too much screen time and need to be careful with that. (But not right this second… right this second I’ll be heading over to the sister article to give it a read too!)

    1. Rebecca! Thank you for reading the blog and your comments! Love that you started a website devoted to teaching and playing the piano! Great niche blog! Love that you will piano courses soon!

  3. If I had read this list first, I might never have started a blog. Blogging certainly takes time, there is always something to do and time to research and learn. So pleased I started. Thank you for sharing. I’ll be back to check more tips.

    1. Hey Angie! Great hearing from you! Looks like you’re off to a great start with your blog! Yes, please check back. If you have future questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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