6 Niche Blog Myths Sabotaging Your Success

Blogging Tips / Wednesday, February 20th, 2019
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Niche blog myths seem to be nothing more than words of advice or rules made to be broken. These rules work for many bloggers. Other bloggers break the rules and become mega-successful!

Have any of the following blogging myths held you back from success?

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Before I guide you through choosing a profitable blog niche, we should look at some myths about niche blogs. There’s a lot of misinformation on the Internet. Especially in the blogging community.

6 Niche Blog Myths

Niche Blog Myth #1: You Must Have a Niche

Almost everyone out there says to find a niche when blogging. But is this advice always right?

Ummm… NO!

Ok, you may not need to have a niche to create a successful blog. But many bloggers do better by concentrating on a niche.

Having a niche isn’t bad per se. It’s certainly best when taken to heart by those bloggers who post about any and everything without any thought to the blog’s business plan.

Business plan?

Yes, blogs that intend to make money should have a business plan. Blogging without focus leads to a lack of monetization opportunities and a very low following.

A content strategy that focuses on a micro-niche helps target a specific audience and gain a devoted following. Depending on the niche you might be able to post less often while still developing a very successful blog.

The Multi-Niche Blog

There are many blogs that have multiple niches instead of focusing on just one. Some of these blogs are wildly successful. A few examples of these multi-niche blogs would be:

Each of these would be considered lifestyle blogs. It’s what A Hood Life will be developed into over time.

The thing about a multi-niche blog is that it takes a considerable amount of time and work to develop the content for each of the niches covered. This blog also includes posts from my wife. There are some niches on the blog that she will be writing exclusively and others that we’ll both contribute to or coauthor.

If you’re creating a collaborative blog, a multi-niche blog will be easier than creating all content on your own. Blogging requires a lot of work. It’s not necessarily hard. There’s just a lot to it if you want to make a nice profit.

Benefits of a Multi-Niche Blog

1. If you’re developing a multi-niche blog, chances are you’re writing about subjects that are complementary to one another. This can be extremely helpful to readers. For example, someone might develop a blog that covers hair, makeup, fashion, and health tips covering things like diets for healthier skin. See how they are all separate niches yet easily tie together to meet the needs of one individual?

2. Certain niches do better than others at different times of the year. With a multi-niche blog, topics can be chosen to keep traffic flowing year round.

3. Differentiation in topics not only helps avoid seasonal dips in traffic. It can help maintain traffic when there are algorithm changes with Google, Pinterest or other search engines.

My first blog, How To Treat Heartburn, is a health blog devoted to the understanding of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). Basically, GERD is chronic acid reflux.

How To Treat Heartburn grew to over 40,000 monthly views most all from Google Search. Then Google made an algorithm change called the Medic Update. Medic heavily impacted How To Treat Heartburn. It’s been six months since that fateful day. Now monthly views average in the 9000’s and traffic primarily comes from Pinterest. If the blog had multiple niches, the website might have fared better.

Cons of a Multi-Niche Blog

1. It’s like having multiple niches in one blog requires more work. Instead of writing one post a week for a unique niche. Imagine writing one post for 3-5 topics.

If you develop a multi-niche blog, work hard to properly develop each niche.

2. If you were writing these 3-5 posts all for one niche you might develop a following faster.

3. It can be harder to make money from the products you promote. Why? Because your audience is more diverse.

4. If you have multiple niches, you’ll probably want to develop multiple email lists or segment your email list so you can email only the people interested in that specific area of your blog. This may make things a bit more complicated, but you can easily segment your email list with ConvertKit.

I personally use and recommend ConvertKit. It’s pretty easy to use and isn’t near as expensive as other similar services.

Niche Blog Myth #2: You Must Be Passionate About Your Niche

Nope! Not about your niche exactly…

Let’s look at passions. Where do they come from? Passions are developed over time as we learn and are exposed to new things. So you might not be passionate about a particular niche now but might be given time.

A subject of interest might become a passion but if you have no interest… Run away!!!

That said, let’s break down this passion myth of blogging.

If you’re going to blog professionally, two things are involved.

  1. First and foremost, you have to meet the needs of your readers. Don’t bother blogging if you aren’t helping others.
  2. You must make money.

You can write about a subject that you aren’t passionate about as long as you’re passionate about the money the blog makes. Making money from a blog is exciting. It can keep you interested in writing.

It’s way too hard to blog about a subject you aren’t passionate about and not make money. You’ll eventually lose interest and move on.

Another thing to think about is your writing. You have a writing voice. If I were talking with you in person about a subject I’m passionate about, you could hear it in my voice. Your writing is the same.

People can tell if you’re really interested in your niche or not. And if you aren’t interested, they won’t be either. That means they won’t be buying your products. So don’t pick a niche that you’d dislike just because it makes awesome money for other bloggers. They’re probably making killer money in that niche because they’re passionate about the subject.

So being passionate about your niche isn’t required but it sure will help!

My Dispassionate Journey in Choosing a Niche

I’ll occasionally teach by example… Example of what not to do in this case.

Yep, I’m going to tell on myself.

I started How To Treat Heartburn to document some of what I was learning about GERD. I used to have chronic acid reflux that brought on esophageal spasms. Super painful! My doctors wanted to keep me on pills for the rest of my life. Pills that had some really bad side effects that could shorten my life. I thought I’d find a natural way to treat my problem. And I did! In about a year, I had it figured out.

Was I passionate about GERD? No, not at all.

However, I was interested in finding a solution to my GERD problem. Fortunately, I found a natural way to treat it within the first year of starting the blog. The pain caused by GERD was gone but I lost the motivation that led me to research and write. My interest in the blog started to die and it wasn’t making much money.

What did I do? I left How To Treat Heartburn alone for a year while I devoted myself to developing a new blog. Guess what?! The traffic How To Treat Heartburn received grew organically despite my neglect and the money followed. The money renewed my interest in the blog and went back to it. The site continued to grow until Medic, Google’s algorithm update in August 2018… And my passion for the niche blog died again.

My advice? No, you don’t need to be passionate about your subject, but you should be. It’s much better if the passion and the money are both there.

Niche Blog Myth #3: You Must Be an Expert in Your Niche

Not at all!

What to write about something you have an interest in but aren’t an expert? No problem. Invite people to join you on your adventure as you explore your chosen niche. These blogs can be wonderfully entertaining blogs that are a lot of fun to follow.

Get rid of limiting beliefs! If you want to learn and blog about a subject at the same time, do it! It’s one of the best ways to learn!

Now, some niches… You’re better off being a professional.

The main reason How To Treat Heartburn was hit by the Medic update was that I lacked credibility. I’m not a doctor. I just sought out a solution for my health issue and wrote about my findings. That leads me to another issue…

Not being an expert in your niche can limit your ability to make money from that niche. I never developed my own product to sell on the website. Why? I’m not a doctor. I don’t treat illness. I don’t give others health advice. That’s up to their doctors to do. I viewed the development of my own product as a legal problem. Always protect yourself legally!

When you don’t develop your own products, you’re limited to affiliate marketing, advertisements, and selling products made by others. There can be good money in these but nothing near the profit potential of having your own product.

Developing your own digital products can provide the highest income. Developing your own products in certain niches may be impossible if you aren’t an expert.

Before picking your niche, think about how you’ll monetize the blog. Do you need to be an expert to create and sell a digital product?

Niche Blog Myth #4: Niches Limit Success by Narrowing Audiences

Nuh-uh! Not unless you pick the wrong niche or niche down way too far.

Niches do narrow audiences. That’s the goal.

Concentrating on a niche can help your blog grow and become profitable in a shorter period of time.

Being focused on a niche helps you to better understand the needs of your audience and solve their problems by offering the right products and services at the right times. Advertisements can better target your audience as well. This means more money for you!

Be careful though, if you niche down too far, your audience can get too small to make an income.

Niche Blog Myth #5: Niches Pigeonhole Bloggers Forever

Don’t be self-limiting.

You won’t get stuck in the one niche. Your initial micro-niche may lead you to expand to other topics in your master niche, you might develop your blog into a multi-niche blog, or you might start an entirely new blog in a different niche. Your authority as a blogger will grow over time. This will lead to many new and exciting opportunities!

Blogs just like any other business will grow and evolve over time. Time leads to change and change creates pain. Pain demands new solutions. Make sure your blog evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of your audience. They will thank you for it!

Niche Blog Myth #6: Overly Populated Niches Should Be Avoided

No way!

Seek out popular niches!

If a niche is heavily populated, it tells you that people make money in that niche. The information, products, and services related to that niche are in demand. If no one is in a niche, take it as a warning! There may be a good reason to avoid that niche.

There’s a lot of search traffic for subject matter in popular niches. You can tap into this traffic! If no one is searching for a topic, your blog will suffer.

Competition in Your Blog Niche

Think about the top bloggers in the niche you choose. There are some niches where bloggers make millions! You’ve seen them post their staggering monthly income reports, haven’t you? If you haven’t, check out Sarah Titus. I love seeing her income reports! Mindblowing!

If leading bloggers in your niche are making two million dollars a year (It happens all the time!), would you as a new blogger be okay with making 1% ($20,000), 3% ($60,000) or 5% ($100,000) of what that top blogger earns? Think of what you could be making in 3 to 5 years!

Competition will force you to become a better blogger. Learning to be better at your craft is not only great for you it helps your audience. Your blog will fail to exist without them, so do your very best to help them.

Strive to be better than other bloggers in your niche. Don’t merely rewrite your competition’s subject matter. It’s true, your articles and products may be similar. It’s like that Bible verse, “there’s nothing new under the sun.” But God gave you a unique voice and vision that will differentiate your blog and products from others in your niche.

Being yourself will help you stand out in the crowd. Most of the bloggers out there are copying each other.

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. ~ Ecclesiastes 1:9

Be your unique self! Don’t be shy about it. Let your audience know you. It builds trust.

Blogs in the same niche thrive alongside each other because some people will identify with one blogger’s approach and others will identify with someone else.

Dealing with Your Competition

Are other bloggers truly competition?

Bloggers are always helping other bloggers succeed. Are you a member of any of the blogger Facebook groups? I see bloggers helping each other every day. I can’t be a success without the help of others and I love it that way.

How to deal with your top blog competition:
  • Stop viewing them as competition. Blogging isn’t the competition you may think it is. There are a lot of helpful bloggers out there. I don’t see other bloggers as competition. Competition separates you. You’re just one of a team of bloggers out there in a niche that’s there to help improve the lives of readers.
  • Get to know other top bloggers in your niche! Better yet be friends with them if at all possible! Why wouldn’t you want to know them? They’re probably really nice people. Most bloggers don’t get to the top by being jerks.
  • Become friends with other bloggers and help them where you can. I’ve received personal and invaluable help from top bloggers like Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income and these bloggers deserve recognition.
  • Be seen as a team player.
  • Help your readers find the best content. I can’t cover everything my readers need to know. I link to other bloggers often and I don’t make these links nofollow. They deserve any SEO juice my backlink can give them.

Niche Blog Myths Conclusion

These myths about niche blogs can hold you back from success. Blogging like all areas of life has rules. But as they say, “Rules are meant to be broken.”

In the end, I would suggest you pick a niche you’ll enjoy. Stick with that niche or expand into a multi-niche site if that’s your desire. You can be a successful blogger in almost any niche!

People are innovative, imaginative, and resilient. You may find a niche where you’re a pioneer. A niche that’s new that launches you into the stratosphere.

Once you have your niche picked out it’s time to get started on a WordPress blog through Bluehost. Hands down, Bluehost and WordPress are the best way to go!

Additional Resources

This was the second in a 3-part series on blog niches. Please check out the other two:

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P. S. If you found this helpful, we’d like to hear from you in the comments below! Have you found that any of these blogging myths sabotaged your success?

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  1. Great article! Right now I’m at the point where I would really like to make connections with other bloggers, but I’m not sure exactly how to go about doing it. Do you have advice (other than commenting on their posts) about how to build connections with fellow bloggers?

    1. Hey Rebecca! Thank you! You’ve made a connection with us. 🙂 Get in touch any time! We’d love to hear from you again and how your website is coming along! Love the piano teaching niche you’ve chosen!

      Do you use WordPress? If you do, there may be local groups you can join. MeetUp.com is a good place to find these groups. Our WordPress MeetUp group meets twice a month. There are also WordPress conventions and the home page of the WordPress dashboard should have upcoming events near you.

      Social media platforms are also great for connecting with fellow bloggers. Facebook has a lot of groups. ASelfGuru – Biz Blog Community is one I would recommend. Amira runs that FB group. She’s a lawyer that helps people with the legal side of blogging. You should check out our interview with her… “Is Your Blog Legal? How to Protect Yourself Legally“… Try signing up for a number of groups on social media and see which ones fit your needs. Some, of course, are better than others. Smaller groups seem more personable to me.

      Talk to you soon! ~ Steve 😀

      1. Hi Steve,

        Thanks for the tips! Conventions and MeetUps are a no go for me. I live in a tiny community in a relatively remote area, so I’d have to travel pretty far to get to a city big enough to host any conventions.

        I’m in Amira’s group already, and starting to make some good connections there. (Honestly, I also just really enjoy reading a lot of the article people post there!) I think finding more groups on social media will be my next step. Good tip about picking groups that are a bit smaller! My instinct would have been to go for the larger groups, but I think you’re right, I think smaller groups would lead to more genuine connections.

        I’m looking forward to your future posts!

        Rebecca 🙂

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