Your Roadmap to Success: Direction Determines Destination

Self-Mastery / Friday, October 12th, 2018
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When traveling, hiking, or on a walk, we follow directions to reach our destination. No matter how well-intentioned we are, if we get on the wrong path or take a wrong turn, we’ll get lost on our journey.

If you’re in Nashville, TN and start heading east to on your way to Los Angeles, CA. You’ll not reach your destination or you’ll only reach your destination by going around the world. A trip that would take much more time an expense.

What path are you on in life? The path you’re on will determine your destination. One step to the left or right changes your direction and takes you down another road. Avoid the pain and expense caused by taking the wrong path or veering off course.

The roadmap to success requires us to take specific paths from which we cannot veer if we want to reach the desired outcome. They are usually the roads less traveled.

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” ~ Robert Frost

The destination reached by taking the wrong path will leave us wondering, “How did I get here?” or saying, “I should have seen this coming.” Whatever the area of life (friends, family, love, money, academic, professional, spiritual, physical, or other) our intentions and our outcomes don’t always align. Why? We chose the wrong path to reach our desired outcome.

The road to success is littered with good intentions.

The Principle of the Path

Andy Stanley calls this the Principle of the Path which states the direction, not intention, determines your destination.

A principle applies to everyone. It’s not a rule you can follow, apply, or break. A principle is a fundamental truth that applies itself to you regardless of whether you know its existence.

Principles are not negative. We can take comfort in these fundamental truths. The principle of gravity for instance. I find it comforting to know my foot will land firmly on the floor when I step out of bed in the morning. If gravity did not apply or was a rule that could be broken, I would wake up and wonder… Will I float away today or will my foot reach the floor this morning.

Wrong Path? Change Direction

The Principle of the Path is at work in everyone’s life. Decisions made today, this very moment, lead to your ultimate destination. Your hopes, dreams and good intentions will not lead you to the result you desire if you’re on the wrong path. There’s nothing magical about it. It’s simple. Wrong path. Wrong outcome. Don’t like where you’re headed. Simple. Change direction.

Past errors may have led you down the wrong path, but as Led Zeppelin sang, “Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there’s still time to change the road you’re on.” You must change the road your on if you are on the wrong path.

“Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there’s still time to change the road you’re on.” ~ Led Zeppelin

My wife and I chose to change the road we were on. We want to be debt free, save money, and build alternative sources of income. This new road leads to our financial freedom.

Don’t wait too long to change the road you’re on. Some paths lead us farther from our intended destination and in business, the goal is sometimes a moving target. Trends change and we have to make adjustments over time.

The Right Path and the Wrong Path

There are really only two paths, the right path and the wrong path.

How do we get on the wrong path?

Most of us make decisions based on emotion or immediate gratification to fulfill desires for happiness and love. Unfortunately, most decisions based on emotion and immediate gratification usually lead down the wrong path.

Too many people are floaters. They drift along with the crowd doing as they do. Going into debt. Buying the latest and greatest gadget. Not saving enough. Buying a house that’s too big or expensive. It’s easy to deceive ourselves into believing all will work out in the end when everyone is doing the same thing.

Donut for breakfast or eat healthy? I hear Homer Simpson now, “Mmmmm… Donuts!”

We are all capable of deceiving ourselves by following our hearts and making emotional decisions. Case in point. Have you ever “fallen in love” only to look back on things and wonder what you were thinking? Sometimes you kinda know where you’re headed but you choose to look the other way.

“If I toss this paper and make it in the wastebasket, I’ll call”… Missed… “Two out of three.”

We are great at self-deception and self-sabotage. We have ways of talking ourselves into bad decisions and finding ways to support these decisions. Or we listen to the little voice in our head that tells us we aren’t good enough or don’t deserve certain things.

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.” ~ Proverbs 14:12

Avoid Self-Deception – Seek Counsel

To avoid self-deception we need the objective counsel of others. We get too emotional in our decision making when it comes to major decisions in life… money, love, sex, family, friends, career, academic, spiritual to name a few. We often see the mistakes others are making in these areas, but fail to see when we’re making poor decisions.

We to often seek immediate gratification. More often the right path on the roadmap to success requires planning, dedication, discipline, sacrifice, and wise counsel.

When seeking the council of others, find someone who’s already achieved success. They have the knowledge you need, your roadmap to success. They can help you find the right path. A straight and narrow path to your goal that will save you years of time and money. Don’t travel around the world to reach your goal when you have a straight path.

Have you ever gotten lost on your way someplace? I used to think I was great at finding my way around. I’ve stopped deceiving myself! I’m newer to Lexington, KY. If it weren’t for my amazing wife and GPS, I’d probably get lost daily. My wife’s from Lexington and knows her way around. It pays for me to listen to her. She has prior knowledge that keeps me on the right path to our intended destination. She’s already been there! Why not listen? Why try to figure out a route someplace without her direction or GPS?!

Give Design to your Future

Picture with me, five years from now your current path will lead you to a destination. Where are you?

I want to be financially free in five years. If I continue to build credit card debt, will I be financially free in five years?

If you want to be fit and healthy but continue eating junk and avoiding exercise, will you reach your goal?

You can predict your future to some extent by examining the present and projecting forward.

Who is the person you want to become?

Where is your path leading?

What would you like to accomplish?

Are you on the right path to meet these goals?

Are you engaged in activities that lead to your desired outcome?

“Direction determines destination. So the question you must ask yourself; ‘Are all the disciplines that I’m currently engaged in taking me where I want to go?’” ~ Jim Rohn

If you want to arrive in a good place at the end of your path, you have to be headed in the right direction. If you’re on the wrong path, you can change our direction.

Earlier you get on the right path or correct your route, the better off you’ll be.

Good intentions are nothing. Decide what you want and start taking action. Act as if it is already yours. See yourself at your destination and in possession of your goal.

You can greatly alter the direction of your life by actively taking charge of your life. You have vast opportunities. Your possibilities are endless!

Need Help Determining Your Destination?

Be Fulfilled! Get the Exciting, Successful Future You Want. I’ll Show You How!

Do you need help determining your destination? Many times we don’t know what we want.

When I went to college, I didn’t know what career path to follow. I floated along taking classes and didn’t apply myself. I wasn’t dedicated to my studies because I had no vision of my future. I had no goals no real path. I knew I wanted to be successful and happy but I had no plan for achieving success and happiness. I just thought things would happen for me. They didn’t. I didn’t possess a roadmap to success and I could not design a path to success on my own. I struggled.

Being happy go lucky is no way to be. You’ll wake up one day and wonder how you got where you are. I had to sit down and redesign my life. I determined my destination and how I would reach my goals.

Are you making the decisions today that are moving you in the direction of where you want to be in two, three, five or even ten years from now? Or are your choices moving you away from your goals?

Is your destination unclear? Don’t know where you really want to go? I’ve been there! I learned to design my future by following these steps.

4 Steps for Designing Your Path to Success

A successful, happy life is a well-designed life.

1. Envision Your Future

What do you pray for, wish for or dream will happen? Take time to meditate on that which has deep meaning. Know your heart and why you want these things. Focus on only the good. These things will help you determine your future. Unhealthy wants, like revenge, will only lead to ruin.

Finally, my friends, keep your minds on whatever is true, pure, right, holy, friendly, and proper. Don’t ever stop thinking about what is truly worthwhile and worthy of praise. ~ Philippians 4:8

Look to the future. Do not evaluate where you are today. Today will soon be gone! Where you are now is temporary!

The key is to evaluate where you’re heading. Today is only a springboard into your future. Dare to be great! You’re worthy of great things and have much to offer others.

Still having problems envisioning your future and formulating your goals? The following exercise is for you.

Exercise: Developing Your Roadmap to Success and Beginning Your Journey

Immediately after meditating on your wants and desires, take a pack of at least 300 3″ x 5″ index cards and do the following:

  1. Write one word on each index card. These words will be coming from your subconscious. Don’t stop until you have filled at minimum 100 cards.
  2. Placing these cards in order. Don’t think about it. Just place them in the order dictated by your subconscious. Your cards will start showing a pattern. You might find words like “Freedom” “Debt” “Money” “Finance” “Healthy” “Marriage” “Finish” “College” being placed in order.
  3. Take these word combinations and write sentences on 3×5 cards. For example, mine would read, “Freedom from debt.” Another would be, “Write blog.” And “Healthy marriage.”
  4. Finally, take the cards with your sentences and place them in order. These will help formulate goals floating around in your subconscious.

Your list of goals should be challenging. Even downright scary. As they say, “Nothing worth having comes easily.”

“All things are created twice. There’s a mental or first creation, and a physical or second creation to all things” ~ Stephen Covey

2. Plan and Determine Your Path on the Roadmap to Success

Create a future you’ll love by giving it design today.

Choose your goals. You will have more than one. How will we achieve our goals? Formulate a plan for success. Is there a way can you achieve your desires by helping others get what they want? Helping others is often a great part of achieving the success we desire.

Find a mentor to guide you. Someone who has met the goal you want to reach and emulate them. These people hold a roadmap to success. If you follow each step they’ve made, you’ll reach the same destination! How great is that?! Avoid their pitfalls along the path to success and you’ll reach your destination in a shorter time. Learning from others is a blessing!

Can’t find a mentor to meet with in person. Follow someone on the internet. The internet gives us an amazing opportunity to rub elbows with amazing people even if we can’t connect with them physically. There’s a vast amount of information at your fingertips! Learn from successful people. Learn from books and any other resource possible.

If you’ve followed these steps you’ve already started your course correction toward your desired destination.

3. Commit to Reaching Your Goals

Commitment to achieving your goal starts with action. Begin on your path to your desired destination. Start now! The time to contemplate is over. It’s time to take action!

If you’re not moving toward life, improving goals, your intentions are outweighing your dedication. You will wander off path. Maintain direction by renewing your focus each day. Always know where you’re going and take action each day that moves you forward toward your destination.

4. Remain Focused on Your Goals

Ever been driving along on a familiar road and zone out? Don’t remember going through certain intersections and wonder if you might have run a few traffic lights? Maybe you wind up on the wrong road cause you went on autopilot. I confess. I do. My brain is overloaded at times. I’m thinking about other things and just float along to a destination without being focused.

Remain focused and motivated by reviewing your goals in the morning and before you sleep. Renewing focus on your goals keeps them fresh in your mind and helps you stay focused on your roadmap to success.

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. ~ Zig Ziglar


Get going in the right direction and get going now! Even small changes for the short-term can get you turned down the right path.

Don’t be well-intentioned. Be resolute. Make conscious daily decisions that keep you on the correct path. Wake each day with clarity in your direction.

Be patient. You will not change your destination overnight. Course correction takes time. But with positive change, excitement and self-esteem are built. These forces will speed you along the path to your destination.

If you want a relationship…

If you want a better marriage…

If you want to lose weight…

If you want to save money…

If you want to start a blog or online business…

If you want to be financially independent…

Whatever your desires, the time is now!

Direction, not intention, determines destination.

“The whole of life is but a moment of time. It is our duty, therefore to use it, not to misuse it.” ~ Plutarch

Your Roadmap To Success - Direction Determines Destination: Good intentions are at best detours on your roadmap to success. Direction, not intention, determine destination (Andy Stanley). Get the exciting, successful future you want. I’ll show you how. These 4 Steps beginning with…

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